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6 Mar , 2017  

Band Name: The Aaron Clift Experiment
Location: Austin, TX
Band Website:
Who Do They Sound Like?: Genesis, King Crimson, Pink Floyd
How Are Their Recordings?: Their recordings are top-notch! Their recent album, "Outer Light, Inner Darkness", has a beautiful flow from start to finish. I actually had the chance to be in the studio while they did some tracking "Kissed By The Sun" for their Kickstarter campaign. Orb Recording Studios is a state-of-the-art recording facility run by Matt Noveskey of Blue October.
How Is Their Live Performance?: I have seen many of their shows, but the one that stands out is their latest CD release at Threadgill's. They had a quartet accompanying the band on stage and it sounded amazing!
What Vibes Do They Give Off?: The Aaron Clift Experiment is a group of pro musicians who are there to present their talents. Their music is really easy to take in and visualize .
Favorite Song: Kissed By The Sun

Reviewed by: J Ray
Overall Thoughts:

Overall, The Aaron Clift Experiment is an incredibly talented group! They not only put out great quality music, they also are part of the main players who are building a Progressive Rock scene in Austin, TX. You can tell they take the time and care with everything they do. I am and will always be a fan!



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