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Golden Cosmic Funk

10 Mar , 2017  

Band Name: Golden Dawn Arkestra
Location: Austin, TX
Band Website:
Who Do They Sound Like?: A foreign mushroom launched into space on a disco ball
How Are Their Recordings?: Their recordings are very well balanced considering how many instruments comprise their music. They sound as if a funk/disco band from the 70's were to record in the 21st century, then threw a cozy warm blanket on top.
How Is Their Live Performance?: Golden Dawn Arkestra is one of the most interesting live shows in Austin! I saw them at Mohawk's outdoor stage and was completely mesmerized throughout the show. They looked like a gang from China Town came out to play some funk. Both the sounds and visuals were psychedelic and vibed throughout the show.
What Vibes Do They Give Off?: I talked to the singer/keys before the show and he was a really chill guy. I could tell he was having a lot of fun with it all and it definitely showed through his performance. They started out on the top deck of Mohawk then marched through the crowd to the stage.
Favorite Song: Stargazer

Reviewed by: J Ray
Overall Thoughts:

Golden Dawn Arkestra is a group of talented people, fronted by all. They will send you into a psychedelic trance via sound, dancing and glitter. I highly recommend you hit up their next show and the one after that!


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