Holy Damn, Rock That Glam!

8 Mar , 2017  

Band Name: Chasca
Location: Austin, TX
Band Website:
Who Do They Sound Like?: Motley-Queen
How Are Their Recordings?: Their recordings are an amazing throwback to the late 70's/early 80's rock. The guitars are warm , dry vocals with beautiful harmonies and a touch of synth.
How Is Their Live Performance?: If you have not seen Chasca live then you have not lived. They are fan-fucking-tastic and the main reason I love them so much! They are one of the most entertaining acts in Austin! Not only will you get stunning musical performances from every member, they also have an outstanding theatrical aspect that does not impede but enhances the musical performance!
What Vibes Do They Give Off?: These guys are cool and humble despite their flashy theatrics. Once off-stage, they won't duck-out to the green room, they come right out to the audience to enjoy the other acts of the night.
Favorite Song: The Beast

Reviewed by: J Ray
Overall Thoughts:

These guys straight up rock! They are just as fun to watch as they are to gig with. If you are looking to be taken back a few decades with a modern flare, then you need to get out to one of their shows and maybe even do a gig with them too! They believe in the kind of community I want for UnderDog Music!



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