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Preach Me Some Funky Blues

13 Mar , 2017  

Band Name: Los Coast
Location: Austin, TX
Band Website:
Who Do They Sound Like?: A psychedelic Sunday morning mass with a funky stank that any modern believer can get down to.
How Are Their Recordings?: The bass and vocals fit perfectly into the pocket. After all, one's soul cannot be freed without the smooth groove of 31Hz-392Hz.
How Is Their Live Performance?: They are a lot of fun live and they definitely make the music the focus of the show. You can feel the energy through the music without the need of the front man directly influencing the audience. They definitely brink the funk and throw in sweet solos for that in-the-moment feel. If you go to one of their shows, you will leave having felt it.
What Vibes Do They Give Off?: I didn't get a chance to meet anyone in the band, but they seem like a laid back group. They put it all on the stage and that usually tells a lot about a group's character.
Favorite Song: Simplify

Reviewed by: J Ray
Overall Thoughts:

These guys are one of the coolest modern soul groups I have come across in Austin. They give you something new and edgy while still remaining true to the classics. Give ’em a listen and check ’em out at their next show!



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